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No crime should go unpunished. Click on the picture below to see the many families that have lost a loved one and those that have gone unpunished.  I know it is hard on the families of one that has committed a crime involving a person being killed  and many times it is just a wrong choice made by all involved but to the parent of the one that has loss this child it is a life sentence so do you really think any punishment given can be worse than this. Do you really think this person should get a slap on the wrist. I know I have often thought about if the tables had been turned the night of Sept 27th, 2007 how I would feel and the 7 months I have been on this side I do feel punishment of some kind has to be enforced.  So many families have lost a loved one due to alcohol and or drugs and it has to stop. ALWAYS REMEMBER YES IT COULD BE YOU!. It only takes ONE wrong choice to affect so many.


We know that justice will come in heaven,
But pray that it comes, too, down here
We'll miss you forever, our precious ones,
And always we'll hold you dear.


To everyone that thinks will not happen to them read all the poems below that have lost a loved one from ALCOHOL! FEEL the pain in the words they write. And the feeling you have is not even close to what a mother feels in her heart every single day!
If  you think drinking makes you cool, or one of the guys, superior to others you are so wrong. It just shows how weak you realy are!  I have been there and was lucky enough to have not killed anyone but  hurt myself and my family for years, the harm drinking does to all families cannot be undone.  So the question is how much do you love yourself and others does that drink mean more to you than them.
One day of thinking you are a SOMEBODY can bring a life time of pain to someone else. So what does drinking really make you? Ask a  mom that has lost a loved one and I am sure you wlll not like the answer she gives you!
Wake Up! Be Somebody make a difference by NOT drinking by Helping Others to Stop Drinking! Make the Right Choice! One Wrong choice is all it takes.

Forever Fourteen A 14 year old son who can never turn 15

Murdered by a Drunk Driver Will always be 14


Never To Awake
By Jenny Sensabaugh

I was driving home from school, Mom,
Even though I wasn't supposed, too.
I decided to go out, Mom.
I didn't even call.
We cruised down the road, Mom,
Exceeding speeds so high.
I started to get scared, Mom.
I was wishing you were here.
It started to get late, Mom.
We started out of town, Mom.
We swerved in and out of lanes.
We all laughed and screamed, Mom.
I thought this is getting out of hand.
We swerved into that lane, Mom.
We didn't see it's lights.
I heard a horrid screech, Mom.
Everything went blank.
No one is moving, Mom.
Everyone's so still.
I can't feel my body, Mom.
I can't even talk.
I hear a person say, Mom,
"How many were in that truck?"
My friends had been thrown on the highway, Mom.
Killed on impact.
I lay here dying in the truck, Mom,
Wishing you were here.
My eyes are getting heavy, Mom.
I can't stay awake.
I am going to visit Grandma, Mom.
Never to awake...


Drunk Driver

I’m sitting here
In this chair
Wondering why
I must Die
People say I killed someone
I just remember having fun
The judge passes a stare my way
I have nothing much to say
“I would never hurt someone”
The Plaintiff says “it was done”
“I don’t remember even driving”
Even though I was trying
“I’m sorry, you were driving son”
“But it was all so fun”
Why did I drive
Then he would be alive
I would be free
From this guilt I see
Everyone starring at me
“I didn’t mean to” I plea
“Sorry, son, it’s been done”
Wondering how I could commit such a crime
Wondering why that life couldn’t have been mine
I wish this was a Nightmare
’Cause no dream can bring so much fear
I would awake
I could say I would change but that would be fake
But no Nightmare
Would strike this much fear


Please Don't Drink and Drive
By Albert Pelley

DRINK, DRIVE, and SPEED sure don't mix well.
They have five letters each. So does DEATH!
DEATH is often what the end result is.
To drink then drive leads only to regret.

Those who drink and drive just ask for trouble,
For they get behind the wheel and then drive on,
No thought given to the fact that while driving,
A mishap could occur, and they would be DEAD wrong.

Taking chances to some is just a way of living.
In the end this attitude will prove them wrong.
For God gave us a conscience for our guidance,
Remember then we're made of flesh not made of stone.

I remember days gone by when traffic was much lighter,
You could maybe drink and then drive safely on.
These days there's no room for impaired driving.
You're just a loser when your right to drive is gone.

To think straight grows dim with each drink taken.
Common sense must now rule your train of thought.
For YOUR family as well as the OTHER grieving families,
Pay a price when common sense just runs amok.


Well my cousin was killed by drunk driving kids last year when she was 19. After her funeral I came home and sat down and began to write this poem called "Who Would Know"

Who Would Know

by Melissa Hensle

Who would know these kids were drunk
driving in our town?
I was coming out of the parking lot,
they hit me, I spun around.

All of a sudden my short life flashed
before my hurting eyes.
I started thinking about all the fun
I had with mom, dad, and the guys.
Then I hear the siren guy say there is no chance -
She will die, I also felt my spirit go up into the sky.

Why does my family have to suffer,
for something they didn't do?
I just pulled out of a parking lot and now my life is through.

I am only 19 years old now,
my family's life is going to shatter,
and the civil case will not matter.
The expense of my funeral will bring them down,
me lying in a casket,
my family and friends all on the ground.

Just because those kids thought they were cool,
drinking and driving in my town.



Somebody Should Have Taught Him
Retold By Jane Watkins

I went to a birthday party
but I remembered what you said.
You told me not to drink at all,
so I had a Sprite instead.
I felt proud of myself,
the way you said I would,
that I didn't choose to drink and drive,
though some friends said I should.
I knew I made a healthy choice and
your advice to me was right
as the party finally ended
and the kids drove out of site.
I got into my own car,
sure to get home in one piece,
never knowing what was coming,
something I expected least.
Now I'm lying on the pavement.
I can hear the policeman say,
"The kid that caused this wreck was drunk."
His voice seems far away.
My own blood is all around me,
as I try hard not to cry.
I can hear the paramedic say,
"This girl is going to die."
I'm sure the guy had no idea,
while he was flying high,
because he chose to drink and drive
that I would have to die.
So why do people do it,
knowing that it ruins lives?
But now the pain is cutting me
like a hundred stabbing knives.
Tell my sister not to be afraid,
tell Daddy to be brave,
and when I go to heaven to
put "Daddy's Girl" on my grave.
Someone should have taught him
that it's wrong to drink and drive.
Maybe if his mom and dad had,
I'd still be alive.
My breath is getting shorter,
I'm getting really scared.
These are my final moments,
and I'm so unprepared.
I wish that you could hold me, Mom,
as I lie here and die.
I wish that I could say
I love you and good-bye.



Smiling Face

In Memory of Jamie Lynn Douglas

On my way to work today, I drove past the place
everything changed that day, we lost a smiling face
a wooden cross is all that remains to remember a friend
my life sure did change that day, as hers came to an end

Jamie Lynn was her name,
I'll always have the memory of her smiling face
I'll never forget the way
she touched us all with her grace

And oh, I miss her smiling face
and the music her sweet voice made
and the way her smile shined
oh, such a beautiful sight

On my way home tonight, I'll stop by the site
I'll bring flowers for my friend, and my prayers to her I'll send
in heaven up high
in my eyes there is a tear, as i say good-bye
to a smiling face
we miss you, Jamie

2002 Steven Michael Grant, Martinsburg WV. All rights reserved.

The poem is about a friend of the author's who died in a 1999 DUI crash. The driver was also a friend of the author's. They had been on the way to take Jamie home after drinking at a party when the crash happened. The author wants this poem to "help friends not let friends drive drunk".


I Cry
In Memory of Sammy Curtis Garner, 12-8-80 to 8-21-99

I cry not for you,
but I cry for us.
  I cry not because you are gone from us,
but because you left us behind.
  I cry because I don't know the beauty and love
that you feel and see. 
I cry not because I think you're sad,
but because we are sad.
I cry not because the love is gone,
but I cry because our love for you is so strong.
  I cry for us because we weren't ready to give you up.
  I cry not because you're not here with us,
but that we are not there with you.
  I cry not that your beautiful soul was lifted up to Heaven.
I cry because you left us here on Earth
so full of emptiness without you.
   I cry for all of those who loved you so dearly.
   I cry not for where you are,
but for where we are and that we are not with you.
  Every tear drop that falls are tears of joy and of gladness
that you were such a wonderful part of our lives.
I cry because we are not with you to experience
the beauty and splendor of a place so wonderful and simply perfect.

Nancie White, December 1993. All rights reserved.
(First published on

The family web site says, "Sammy...was taken from us after only 18 years of the result of riding with a drunk driver. Our family has suffered a very tragic loss....If you love someone, always tell them. You never know when your last opportunity will be. And never let someone you know Drink and Drive. Take the keys from them. At least they'll be able to thank you the next day!"


Take the Keys
By Angela Rouse

As you walk from the party,
Think you're O.K.
Get in the car and drive away.

Go to switch lanes,
Have to swerve to the right,
Can barely see.
It's the middle of the night.

Hit the sidewalk,
Don't know what you did.
Get out of the car,
Realize you hit a kid.

You go to check,
Make sure he's alive.
God, he must have only been 5.

Cops show up,
Cuff your hands.
Take you to prison,
Ruin all your plans.

You were gonna go to college,
Start a career.
Now you're locked up
For at least 20 years.

You realize you made
The biggest mistake of your life.
Decide one day,
To end it with a knife.

Now you're dead,
And so is he.
This all could have been prevented,
If a friend would have taken the keys!

Drinking and Driving
By Kimberly Mitchell

I look at your pictures every single day
And wonder why you were taken away

I know you did not want to go
You wanted to stay and watch your children grow

Your sudden death hurt everyone including me
And the man who killed you was set free

I know you will never get to walk me down the aisle
To give me away with your beautiful smile

I was your baby and filled your world
But now I'm no longer Daddy's Little Girl

In my heart you will always stay
And I will love you day by day

All of this will happen to many alive
If friends let friends drink and drive

The Lord has promised to prepare
A place in heaven above—
A home where we will always be
With Him and those we love.  —Sper

Because Christ lives, death is not tragedy but triumph.


Dustin Marshall Rawls
September 2, 1982 - September 27, 2007
Dustin Lives on Through All The Many People that had the honor to know him!
I love you my Son!
God Blessed Me So giving you as MY SON!

Dustin loved and was loved  by so many, he touched so many lives while here on earth and gave the gift of life to many more  being a organ donor.  
Please sign the guestbook but also email me pictures and stories of your life with Dustin for us all to share.. Each and every one will be posted and appreciated.  Help me keep this site alive as Dustin is in all of our hearts.