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March 20th, 2008  FIRST DAY OF SPRING!!!!
Letters from Mom will be continued on the link below

Spring is Here!

March 18th, 2008  Good Morning Dustin, I am sure you can hear Pocket talking from as far as your new home. I think he has probably woke the whole neighborhood by now.  You never met Pocket, but I know you're thinking he is a little squirt with a big mouth LOL.    You are so right but he is a funny little guy, too.  He loves to go visit Nelza.  He does not run up and down the stairs like you and Tiff used to do over there. I think because he has not seen them yet, LOL.  He ventures in the kitchen and for some reason, always wants in my lap and is on his best behavior. He sure has her fooled. Easter is in a few days and I know you will have a more awesome time this year than I can imagine.  I was thinking of the year you, Tiff and I  went to San Felipe park and had a picnic and hiked around the trails.   You met some people and played basketball. I am going to guess you were maybe 7.  Tyler is a lot like you.  He loves anything that includes a ball.  He and I have been playing some type of ball since he could first sit up.  I know you will be watching him for the years to come and will be so proud of him and what he accomplishes.  He will be a handful no doubt. It is hard to believe he will be 7 in July. It seems like yesterday he was born. Well, I best get busy today. I love you! Mother

March 15th, 2008, Good Morning Dustin,  I was sitting here waiting for the fog to pass and the sun to come up and thought I would say hello. What do you think of the new puppies? All are very pretty, don't you think? I was telling Keesha that Uncle D is probably saying how pretty your babies are and that your babies were the last pictures I sent to him.  I am also remembering the time you supervised a delivery LOL.  I am sure, looking from a far, is a lot better.  I still haven't talked Tiff into coming to learn how.  She said NOOOOOOOOO and didn't even think about it, just like your granny.  So, I guess My Tyler will be the one.  He loves memaw's babies and wants to help. He said he can't go to college to be a vet until he is a teenager.  Which as smart as the little rascal is, I think he probably could do it now if need be. There is not much he can't figure out and he is willing to at least try.  It is hard to believe he will be 7 in July. Well, as you can see nothing new happens around here unless it is puppies. I love you so very much! Mother

March 13, 2008, Good Morning Dustin, Today is Baywatch's birthday.  She is such a sweet, young woman. She has really been a comfort to me and really the only one of your friends that stays in touch.  You made quite the impression on her in a short time and you were only 14 years old at the time. She is very different than all the others and in a very good way.   She is much like the YOU I know and love.  I think this is why she means so much to me.  I love you and miss you every minute of the day!  Love, Mother

March 4th, 2008  Good Morning my baby boy! Yes I am another year older and really missed your singing Happy Birthday!  I heard the many years you did in my heart. Tyler said Memaw Gosh your old but you don't look it, you do not have gray hair. Nice cover up huh LOL I told Tiff he best start getting lessons from his dad and tell memaw she the most beautiful, sweetest and youngest memaw.  I love you and miss you! Mother

February 25th, 2008 Hello Baby Boy.  It is such a pretty day today I went out and sat at your resting place to share part of the day with you. I took you a surprise. You know I am not one to wait until the last minute.  Every time I see these things, I think of how when I sent them to you while you were in the Marines you always got them taken away because all of you playing with them in the office. But how much fun you had with them. So, I still have to share the fun with you in my heart.
Baywatch sent this email to me this morning thought was so neat "have a funny story when I went to pick up the balloons, we got to the truck I was putting them in and it just so happened that one got away...I figured it was just Dustin. He wanted a power ranger balloon to celebrate with...LOL..I just laughed and thought that is what it was. Well, just wanted to say hello and share that with you".  I can just see you now all the fun you're having and the laughing. And saying oh no it is my mom again. You should have known you would not get off that easy. LOL I love you! Mother

February 24th, 2008  Well, if you go back and read the last 5 e-mails you will see my editor is home and back on the job, LOL. She is doing better but still needs prayer for all the infection to leave her body.
Uncle Hungry came over yesterday and got the lawn mower running again ~ yeah for that.  The doggies sure were happy. 
Tyler has learned to call his memaw and granny all by himself.  I think e-mail will be next if his mother will let him. He is too funny and getting so big!  Paul and Tiff for sure are going to have their hands full with that one, LOL.  He is a combo of you,Tiff and Paul.
This week has been a good week except for one day and for that I am so thankful.  March and April will be having puppies which I know you don't want to be here for that, LOL. You will know when they start because I always pray over the mom when we get started.  Granny was talking yesterday about Monster and how pretty he was until his grandmother cut his hair. Well, baby boy not much news, but I was thinking about you as I always do every day. I love you and miss you! Love, Mother


February 16th, 2008 Good Morning Dustin, I meant to tell you this yesterday but had so many other things  to tell that I waited until today.  I am sure you remember Magdelena and Juan from the apartments where Granny once lived.  Juan has grown up so you may not recognize him but I will show you the picture his mom gave me.  He also made a necklace for me and Granny. Both are very pretty! The family has always stayed in touch with Granny and monthly they go out to eat.  They also have been a lot of support to us since your death. I think Fabian now has 2 little boys. I will have to double check with Granny. He is still in the Marines. Anyway, they think of you often, as we all do.
My editor is going to have to work over time when she gets home. Which I pray is today .  And I pray the infection in her body will be gone and she will be feeling 100% very soon!  I love you and miss you!  Love, Mother


February 15th, 2008
Hello Baby Boy! I know you met my friend Sandy yesterday morning.  She is now in much happiness as you are. I will miss her so much. So, give her a hug for me.  I know she will know you since we talked so much over the years about you and Tiff.    She is an awesome person which I know you will find out quickly. You better watch it too.  She will put you in line real quick LOL.  She was one of the very few that could tell me like it was and get away with it. That is what I loved about her, no sugar coating life.
Today is also Tasha's birthday.  I am sure you didn't forget. I did mail her a card but have not talked to her yet. I know she was having a difficult time for awhile. And I respect that sometimes people and talk are not what one needs. At least that has been my experience this past month.  You know I am better this week and I am so thankful for that.
Granny is going to be on TV tonight at 6 on Channel 13 along with the others in the Katy Linus Project Group.
Tamra sent me this beautiful flower this morning. I will put the picture with this letter. She is so sweet!
Well, baby boy, I love you and miss you! I know your heart continues in so many ways. Love, Mother


February 14th, 2008  Happy Valentine's Day Dustin, I know your heart is overflowing with love and a smile so bright!  I went and talked to you yesterday and it was a nice day. I also saw Ms. Rosie and her daughter's name is Vanessa.  So, when you see her today tell her Happy Valentine's Day from her mom and her mom loves her very much!  Also, tell it to my dad. I can only imagine all the stories ya'll have shared.  I love you so very much! Mother


February 11, 2008
It's me again Dustin, praying to God to heal my friend and my editor. I know ya'll know who she is. She is having problems with her kidneys. So, I am praying to God for healing and asking you to watch over her and her family.  My editor often talks to you, asking you to watch over me so in return I am asking the same. I know God is a big God and I do believe in his healing. So, if ya'll could just join together and be with her and her family and also my friend Sandy and her family. They are both 2 true friends which you know those are hard to come by.  I love you so much, Mother


February 9th, 2008  Dustin, I wanted to ask you and God to join together and watch over my friend, Sandy Laliberte.  She is in critical condition and needs a miracle to heal her lungs.  She has no oxygen going to her blood.  I know God works miracles every day and Sandy needs one now. The family having to prepare for the worst.  I just pray that God will enlighten the doctors today to know what treatment is needed and she be healed.  She is the back bone of their family and they need her back to being the superwoman she has always been. And I need her to give me those kicks in the butt I often need. She is like you, she never sugar coated it.  I love you! Mother


February 8th, 2008
Good Morning Dustin, And yes, it is a good morning and I thank you for turning off the water faucet and bringing smiles for the last 3 days.  I was just thinking that if you were to e-mail, I would be getting a TGIF e-mail from you today. I know every day is TGIF now and every day is a great day for you. I can only imagine how awesome that must be. Today the sun is out and a beautiful day here, too. It seems like Springtime instead of Winter.  You know I am not complaining because I do not like winter and the cold.   I know when you and Tiff were born and even as you grew up, Tiff would kick her covers off no matter the temps and you always had covers up to your neck. I do think Tiff has grown into keeping covers on now, but it took her 27 years, LOL. 
I got a beautiful card from Tamra yesterday. She is such a sweet young lady and a real God send to me.  I hope to meet her in person one day and her beautiful family. Well, baby boy I best get busy with the chores of the day! I was just thinking about you and I love you! Mother

February 6th, 2008
Good Morning Dustin, Last night we had thunderstorms and I was thinking how you were always scared during the heavy rains.  That thought led to the time you took the bus home on leave and Little Billy was to pick you up at the bus station, which in Katy was the Exxon station. Little did you know your mom would be there with her welcome home sign standing out there waving it around waiting for you.  The bus was late and  I was in a panic, of course.  How many times did I jump out of the car waving that sign, LOL, and you never walked off the bus.  Finally 3 buses later, there you were. Tiff came to meet you, too. We sat in the car waiting on Little Billy. There was a little older lady standing waiting on her family to pick her up that joined us in the car because it was windy and rainy. We sat and all just talked and laughed. Still, no Little Billy, so you called him and he was somewhere on Mason road. We all thought, like how do you not know where the bus station is in Katy? It has been there like forever and we really picked on him when he did show up.
I know you're no longer afraid of the thunder but only smile at God's creations and there to tell others not to be afraid.  I love you, Mother 

February 2, 2008
Oh, Baby boy, what a time I am having with all his. I know you're drowning in my tears this month.  But as we would laugh and say, didn't boot camp teach you this. Well, no, boot camp didn't teach me how to deal with anything like this.  I can't even laugh when I say it, but I do have the memories of us laughing about it.  I keep hearing you tell me how the heart does not feel, it is the brain. I know I have written before about this, but I so need more lessons in this and how to control the brain.  I am not so sure either of us ever really practiced this lesson. We could tell each other how it should be done but neither of us could ever quite do it.   So, as you can see, I am trying hard to remember what you would tell me to do in such a situation. I need a lot more talks to get through this. I'm not sure if it is Boot Camp I need or lessons on the brain, LOL.  I know you will know what to say to get through to me and you also know I will need a lot more than one talk. I keep telling myself, "how can you even hear him if he tells you anything with all this crying and you know he does not like tears, so get a grip".  So, first we need to work on turning off the water faucet. Surely they taught you that in Boot Camp, so now it is time to teach mom.  Then maybe I can graduate to the next step. I love you and miss you so very much and the reality of all this is so very hard. I love you baby boy, Mother


January 26,2008  Hello Dustin, I was standing at the window and the sun is shining today and made me think of your smile. So wanted to give you a hug and tell you I love you so very much! Mother

January 22, 2008
Hello Dustin, I just got back from Wal-Mart and saw Ms. Rosie, the lady I had told you about last year .  She shared with me today for the first time that she lost a daughter  to diabetes in 1978.  She was 17.    She died on
Ms. Rosie's birthday, which is in Dec. I noticed she was awful quiet during the month of December but never knew why. I had taken her a Christmas Card that I had made for the tree lighting.  She told me every time I saw her what a beautiful couple you and Tasha were. And that her family thought so too. As always, she hugged my neck and said "your son has a beautiful heart". But today she shared with me the pain and anger she still has after 30 yrs.   Yes, we both were cry babies for a bit and  hugged to get us both through the rest of this day. I will ask her name the next time I see her so you can tell her daughter what a great mom she has. Also, that she loves and misses her every day. I love you , Mother


January 21, 2008
Good Morning and no need to ask how you are I know you are awesome.  All is good here too!  No big plans for today just the normal which you already know so will not bore you with the details.
I received this picture last night what a beautiful couple ya'll make. And you and that phone in your ear LOL    I love you and miss you very much! Mother


January 17th, 2008
Good Morning Dustin, I know your day and week has been a lot better than mine. We are still dealing with these idiots at the house place. I tell you Rome was built a lot quicker.  We all may be living with you before this is over with. LOL  If this is a test of patience, none of us are passing.  It has been 9 months now and you would not believe all the issues.  Oh well, that is old news. You heard this before you went to your new home and yes, still the same old thing just another month and day. LOL
Kind of cloudy out today and cooler but it will be a good day.  Just wanted to tell you Baywatch is such an awesome person. What a joy and comfort she has been.  She sent me a beautiful card this week and e-mails almost every day. She is just an awesome young lady.
I guess nothing really exciting to report yet but was thinking about you.  I love you! Mother

January 10th, 2008
Hello Dustin, I thought I better write to say hello so my editor would not think she is without a job. LOL  Today was a good day. Nothing new or exciting but was good. One day I will do something so exciting your wings will flap unexpectedly and you will say "that's my mom"! LOL We are having the strange winter as always 80 then 60 then 80 again. I personally prefer the 80's, as you know, but it is still too early in the season to hope it will stay warm.
Granny going to be on TV Channel 13 one day soon. I will let you know when to tune in. The TV crew went to the Linus Project today to do a story on all the good works they do for so many. I am a little behind on my contributions, but I will catch up soon.  Texas Childrens is waiting for more dolls. They just loved them and I so enjoy making them. I get letters and pictures of some of the babies that get the blankets I have done and it is so awesome.
Well, I will not ramble.  I was just thinking about you and I love you! Mother

January 5th, 2008
Good Morning Dustin,  It is a new day and a better day. I told you about Patricia , Kenny's mom, well she is one awesome lady and really helped me this week to get where I am today once again. I know you thought I needed some excitement in my life but roller coaster rides really not too exciting LOL.  But the ride is over for today and that is a good thing.  Next week let's try something different. Tamra, a girl you met when you were 14 in Garner with the Bryant's, has been a God send to me also.  She is married and has a beautiful family. You, Little Billy and Kenny left a lasting impression on her and her friends that were there.  As always, you were the care taker in the group.
My baby boy, you were so much to so many and I am so proud of you for being the person you were and still are.  I know you are still doing your good works in Heaven.  I love you, Mother

January 4th, 2008
Good Morning Dustin,  I really have written you so many times in my mind because the words and feelings I have cannot be put in writing. It seems like I need more and more pep talks than I did 2 weeks ago, as I am sure you can see. You hit me in the head once this week so I guess I need a few more knocks.   I know God is using you to get to my heart and soul and for that I am so thankful.  As you can see, I have a long way to go in this process.  I know with you and God I will get to the place I need to be. I think I am there and then all goes back to day one. I think it is so awesome that your life now is not a roller coaster ride.  I love you! Mother

The Lord has promised to prepare
A place in heaven above—
A home where we will always be
With Him and those we love.  —Sper

Because Christ lives, death is not tragedy but triumph.


Dustin Marshall Rawls
September 2, 1982 - September 27, 2007
Dustin Lives on Through All The Many People that had the honor to know him!
I love you my Son!
God Blessed Me So giving you as MY SON!

Dustin loved and was loved  by so many, he touched so many lives while here on earth and gave the gift of life to many more  being a organ donor.  
Please sign the guestbook but also email me pictures and stories of your life with Dustin for us all to share.. Each and every one will be posted and appreciated.  Help me keep this site alive as Dustin is in all of our hearts.