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Dustin Shines In Our Hearts

Christmas Poems


My Christmas Will Be Very Difficult This Year
As Things Just Won't Be The Same
Because When The Angels In Heaven Are Giving Out Gifts
I Know They'll Be Calling Your Name
I Can Picture You In The Choir Of Angels
Singing Carols And Spreading Much Cheer
But It Saddens My Heart More Than You'll Ever Know
Because My Mother Won't Be With Me This Year
I Thank You For The Many Memories
We Were Able To Make At Christmas Time
I Want You To Know You'll Live On Forever
Inside This Heart Of Mine
Fond Memories Will Always Fill My Heart
This Holiday As We're Now Apart
And This Christmas And The Rest To Come
You'll Live On Forever In My Heart


In Loving Memory Of
Dustin Marshall Rawls

September 2, 1982-September 27th, 2007

Angel Tears at Christmas


God sends His lovely angel tears

To us this time of year

They float and tumble through the air

And send out Christmas cheer.


Each flake He sends is special

From out of wintry skies

They paint a pretty picture

To soothe our weary eyes.


They glide and twirl as if to say

The season's just begun

And gently beckon to us

To join in merry fun.


Like sparkling gems, they fill the sky

And quietly take up space

They seem to flow in harmony

Attired in angel lace.


At Christmas time when all is calm

We look to things above

For angel tears and Christmas

To fill our lives with love.


A sacred star shines in the East

As Christmas day draws near

A manger scene, a Holy night

And gentle angel tears.


The children gather 'round the tree

To hear the Christmas story

As angel tears fall to the earth

To trim the earth in glory.


His precious tears drift to the earth

So everyone will know

A child was born in Bethlehem

It's written in the snow.


So if you get to feeling blue

And plagued by worldly fears

Just look outside your window

God's shedding angel tears.


Author/Written By:

Marilyn Ferguson





Where I am now you cannot see,
For I am spirit, fancy free.
Where shadows end, no day or night;
I am in heaven, in the light.
And so wherever you may roam, 
Remember now that I am home.
Quite different to the one I left;
It’s sad to see you’re still bereft.
So here I stay where there is peace.
No hurt, no pain, just sweet release.

I was the product of your love
A child sent down from up above,
To walk a brief time there with you;
A life of hope and meaning too.
I know you wanted me to stay
And even though you knelt to pray,
The angels came and lifted me
High up above the clouds to see
Another time, another space
Where love surrounds this holy place.

Remember me but do not grieve, 
I’m happy now, you must believe.
So keep the faith although it’s hard
For you to go that extra yard.
I am at peace, I’ll say again
There is just sunshine here, no rain.
So live your lives so full and free
And maybe sometimes cry for me;
You’re only human proud and tall,
Whilst I’m an angel after all.

John Bartlett  T.C.F Qld. Aust 02.08.2000





Twas the month before Christmas and I dreaded the days,

That I knew I was facing with the holiday craze.

The stores were all filled with holiday lights,

The dark was filled with sleepless nights.


As others were making their holiday plan,

My heart was breaking - I couldn’t understand.

You see, we lost Crystal, over 4 years ago.

Now pain is my companion, even in snow.


When out of nowhere, there arose such a sound,

I sprang to my feet and was looking around.

Away to the window I flew like a flash,

Tore open the curtains in one mad dash.


The sight that I saw took my breath away,

And my tears turned to smiles in the light of the day.

When what to my wondering eyes should appear,

But a flock of birds, just fluttering near.


With beauty and grace, they flew as in a dance,

I knew in a moment this was not by chance.

The hope that they gave me was a sign from above,

That my child was still near me and that I was loved.


The message they brought was my holiday gift,

And I cried when I saw them, yet it still was a lift..

As I looked closer to get a better view,

I thought them beautiful, and felt that they knew,


I had wanted a hug from their fragile wings,

To help me get through what the holiday brings.

In the days that followed I carried the thought,

Of the message the birds had left in my heart.


That no matter what happens or what lies ahead,

Our children live on, they are not really dead.

Yes, the message of the birds still ring in my ear,

A message of hope - a message so dear.


And I imagined they sang as they flew out of sight,

"To all bereaved parents -- We love you tonight."

By: Celine Hartery Mother of Carlton and Angel Crystal


Dustin Marshall Rawls
September 2, 1982 - September 27, 2007
Dustin Lives on Through All The Many People that had the honor to know him!
I love you my Son!
God Blessed Me So giving you as MY SON!

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