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Angel In Heaven
I'm Now An Angel Here In Heaven
There Sits A Halo On My Head
I Have These Pretty Wings
That I Now Can Spread
I'm Dressed In A Pretty Robe
Although It Doesn't Touch The Ground
I Now Move Quiet And Gracefully
And I Never Make A Sound
I Wish That You Could See Me Now
In My New Home Up Above
So Close Your Eyes And See Me Now
How Much I'm Filled With Love

Snow White Wings
I'm Now An Angel Up In Heaven
And Have Received My Snow White Wings
I Wish How You Could See Me Now
For This Is Such A Precious Thing
I'm Now Surrounded By Awesome Beauty
Filled With Laughter And Much Fun
The Other Angels Surrounding Me
Have Warm Smiles Just Like The Sun
Their Thoughtfulness And Caring
Is A Gift From The Lord Up Above
If You Could See The Angels Here
You Would See We're Full Of Love
I'll Be With You Now And Forever
And Walk Beside You Day By Day
For I Am Your Little Angel
With Snow White Wings I Now Display


Our Little Angel
We Can Never Forget Your Precious Smile
And How You Brightened Our Lives Each Day
We Can Still See Your Sparkling Eyes
And Wonder Why God Took You Away
You Were Our Little Angel
Sent Down From The Heavens Above
God Allowed Us _25_Wonderful Years
And Blessed Us With Your Love
We Have Peace Of Mind And Comfort In Knowing
That You're Now With Our Lord Up Above
And The Angels Are Now Taking Care Of You
With Their Everlasting Love

Beneath The Angels Wings
As I Lay Here In This Lonely Box
I Could Hear Their Voices Say
She Looks So Nice And Peaceful
And So Still Her Body Lays
I Could Hear Them As They Wept For Me
And On My Face Their Tears Did Fall
If Only I Could Turn Back Now
I'd Love To Wipe Away Them All
I Could Feel Their Gentle Touch
As They Held My Hand Just One Last Time
But I Knew There Was No Turning Back
Out Of This Box I Could Not Climb
Then I Saw A Vision Of Light
And Could See Him Standing There
It Was The Face Of Jesus
And He Said I Heard Your Prayer
I Was Kneeling There Beside You
As You Opened Up Your Heart
This Is When I Promised
That From You I'll Never Part
How I Wished That I Could Go Back
To Tell My Loved Ones One Last Thing
That I Have Gone To Heaven
Where I'll Live Beneath The Angels Wings


The Promise
by Diane Robertson

Of angel wings and heavenly things
There’s very little known,
For those who have the answers
Are, forever, from us gone.

Life in the hereafter,
In faith, I must accept;
Thoughts that trouble not the people
With families still intact.

But, those of us who’ve traveled
Down the lonely path of grief,
Are forever seeking answers
To the riddle, which is life.

We trek through shadowed forests
Past the ugly shroud of death,
Toward a promise for the future
Of a kinder, better place.

So, we look to see the angel wings
And listen for the hymn
That God will send to guide us
When we leave to be with Him.

 Angels Around Us
We Have Angels All Around Us
For They Are Everywhere
 We Cannot Actually See Them
                           But Know They Are There                              
The Angels Are Here Protecting Us
And Keeping Us From Harm
They Move So Quiet And Gracefully
With All Their Elegance And Charm
Angels Are A Gift From God
He Sends Them Here When Things Go Wrong
And When We Feel The Angels Touch
They Feel So Very Strong
As You Wonder If The Angels
That You Have Are Near
Just Remember They're A Gift From God
He's Made That Very Clear


My Beautiful Angel
I See My Beautiful Angel
As She Is Standing By My Side
She's Dressed So White And Elegant
With Nothing More To Hide
I Saw The Look Upon Her Face
It had A Melting Smile
She Visits Me Quite Often Now
But Only For A Little While
She Comes To See That I'm Alright
And Wipes Away My Tears
She Puts Her Wings Around Me
And Gently Calms My Fears
She Is Also Here To Give Me Strength
On Days I'm Feeling Weak
I Know She's Always Listening
As I Begin To Speak
My Angel Is Here To Give Me Wings
On Days I Cannot Fly
She Is With Me Now For Eternity
To Never Say Goodbye

Do You Believe In Angels?
Do You Believe In Angels ?
I Know I Surely Do
The Day I Got My Angel
Is The Day God Sent Me You
I Always Feel Your Presence
As I'm Going Through My Day
And During Hard Times And Struggles
I Can Feel You As You Pray
You're Always Right There Next To Me
With Everything I Do
And When I Need My Angel
I'll Be Calling Out For You
All I Have To Do
Is Look Deep Inside My Heart
For You My Angel Are Always There
And Never Shall We Part


Angels Are Like Drops Of Rain
Falling From The Sky
They Flap Their Wings On Their Way Down
As They Begin To Fly
They Wrap Their Wings Around Us
And Hold Us Very Tight
Oh Then When We Look At Them
They're Such A Beautiful Sight
They Go With Us Everywhere
It Seems They're In Disguise
Sometimes When We Look For Them
We Can't See Them With Our Eyes
We Know That They Are With Us
We Can Feel Their Love
God Sent Them Down From Heaven
From Our Heavenly Home Above


 Angel Outside My Window 

An Angel flew past my window last night,
No, I’m sure it wasn’t a firefly.
Nor a star shooting across the dark sky,
And, surely, not a misguided butterfly.
It was an Angel outside my window last night.


An Angel flew past my window at dawn,
Dancing a delicate pirouette on the lawn
All the while singing her heavenly song,
For only a moment then she was gone.
An Angel was outside my window at dawn.


An Angel flew past my window today.
A creature so lovely I begged her to stay.
She smiled, spread her wings, and soared away,
Her brightness replaced by a shroud of gray.
An Angel was outside my window today.


If an Angel flies past your window tonight
So beautiful and thoughtful and radiating light.
Glory to God! For granting the sight
Of His Angel’s brief visit on her divine flight.
If an Angel appears outside your window tonight.  unknown


Dustin Marshall Rawls
September 2, 1982 - September 27, 2007
Dustin Lives on Through All The Many People that had the honor to know him!
I love you my Son!
God Blessed Me So giving you as MY SON!

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