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My Angel Hug
Angels are ever all around us
And with love they do surround us.
When my heart is sore in need,
My Angel come my soul to feed.
He comes to me from up above
and sing in whispers of Love.
When in my heart I feel a tug
I know that it's My Angels' hug.


December 31st, 2007
Wow! Dustin, another year has passed.  It is hard to believe tomorrow will be 2008. I talked to Little Billy for a little and we both agreed that this upcoming year will be a positive year, closure to a lot of the past and start brand new. I know, me for one, had a lot of weeds I had to pull out of my heart. All the weeds that have grown only have caused turmoil in so many parts of my life. So, the time came to pull them and be done and move on and do not look back. So many people and stuff I do not want or need in my life.  So, I cleaned it all up one more time.   If you see me going back, knock me on the head! LOL   I love you! Mother

December 29th, 2007
Thank you for the message last night Dustin. You always know when a pep talk is needed sometimes before I do. I love you baby boy and miss you so much! Love,Mother

December 25th, 2007
Merry Christmas Dustin! I know you're having the most awesome celebration of all today.  One we all can just imagine.
I love you, Mother


December 23rd, 2007 - Sunday
Dustin, today was an awesome day in a big way. I went to church today for the first time in awhile. I wasn't sure if I was ready or not, but Tiff was going with me and I said, "okay, if she can, I can". Well, she ended up not going. She joined your dad in his Christmas Celebration for you and I am glad she did. I went to church anyway.  As you know, singing and listening to words get me every time. But I had babies to hold, as you know and have seen me do, which helped some.  After a few songs I said, "God, I can not sit here any longer."  I was fighting with my heart because I knew I needed to stay.  So, I prayed for him to give me the strength to just stay in my seat.  At that time, Randy (our pastor) came and prayed over me and hugged me and prayed. I felt such a very strong healing over me and yes. I lost it big time. Randy continued to pray and I could feel the calmness coming over me so strongly and a peace in my heart.  I left with another piece of my heart cleansed from pain.  Bronston was there and we talked about you and what a special person you were to him.  We talked much more but he loves you and is praying for me and the healing of my heart to become easier. So, baby boy I am getting there, maybe in baby steps, but in time I know I will feel in my heart what I truly believe.  That is that God did have a plan for you and you are so happy and all is good. Believing and feeling such a battle in my heart right now but not to worry, I will find the peace and understanding in the days ahead. As I know you are wanting for me.
Later on, Tiff took Granny and I to eat with her and the boys to eat Chinese. Then she followed me to the cemetery so I could put your Christmas flowers there. Tiff, Brett and I sang Jingle Bells.  I am sure you heard us.  We had a very long talk while YOUR NEPHEWS really woke up the cemetery LOL. So. I know all had a joyous day there.
And, yes, I do have a Tyler story for you . Tiff and I were talking and he runs up and said mom, Jesus is not in heaven like you said. I just saw him and he is buried here too. So, we go into trying to explain how all this works. He said, "well, I see him over there. See, he is here." He was so serious. Tiff and I continued talking and as we were walking back to the car we saw a headstone that had an outline of Jesus on it. It was exactly where Tyler had saw him and how he came to this thinking. As usual Tyler knew exactly what he was saying and me and Tiff were the ones in confusion. LOL
Tiff is doing good and together we will continue to be. You are probably in shock just how well we are doing.  It is all because of the life we had with you and God's guidance and love for us all.  Not saying we will not have a few back track of emotions along the way but both have the strength to move forward, as I know you want and wanted for us both. You know I am here for her like always (still a challenge but she is getting there).  I love her so much and she said you are in her back pocket. We both love you and miss you, but will have more smiles and peace and joy as days pass and happy times to tell you about.  I love you! Mother

December 21, 2007
Good Morning Dustin,  I know your week has been a great one and so has mine. Since it is Friday I was just thinking how you always looked forward to Friday and how awesome it must be for all your days to be so full of joy and laughter. Granny was going through a lot of her old videos and found some that she had taped for you and Tiff. I can't remember all of them but one was Howard the Duck.  She is going to copy and send it to Tiff for the boys to watch.  I know so many of the tapes you and Tiff would watch over and over until I thought I would scream LOL. Good thing we had 2 TV's. BeetleJuice was one of the ones I always hoped the tape would get stuck LOL. I think that was more a Tiff favorite than yours.  She may still watch it when it comes on.
I love you and miss you, but all is good and more peace each day. Love, Mother


December 15th, 2007  Thank you my baby boy! I know that is all I need to say and you know the rest. I love you! Mother

December 14th, 2007   Hello My Baby Boy, Today was a good day.  I was listening to 93Q and today was the day they had their Yearly  Texas Children's Telethon. There was a lady that lost her son 2 years ago on Sept. 29th, with a brain tumor.  His name is Christopher.  She was asked how she got past the anger and her answer was the same as how I have got through so many days. It was that her son's words of encouragement during his 10 years of life have given her the strength. I so thought of you and all the talks and pep talks and fireside chats, as we called them, we had.  And with all my heart, I do know if I didn't hear those words you spoke, my days would be a lot more difficult. I am looking forward to more chats one day. I love you and miss you so much and thank you from the bottom of my heart for growing up to be the awesome person you are.  I have talked to some of your friends and like I had told you so many times, people can search a life time and never find a person with all it takes to be a great person, but you have it all.  I tell them "yes, Tasha said you got it all from me" and you told her that many times - the good, bad and other LOL. Tasha would say, "but the best part he got from you is your heart and never being afraid to tell anyone he loved his mother more than anyone".  Some of your Marine buddies have e-mailed and told me that Dustin was a Mommy's Boy that is for sure.  Not a sissy but proud  of and loved his mother and they never knew anyone that would come out and say it like you did.  So, of course makes me have a big smile My Baby Marine!  I love you, Mother

December 7th, 2007
Good Morning My Baby Boy! Today is your grandpa's birthday(my dad) so give him a big birthday hug for me and tell him I love him.
It is past time for one of your pep talks I so need one as I am sure you can see. I keep trying to remember the right brain and left brain one but can't,  But you know the one I need to stop working for awhile.  I pray for God and you to give me some peace in my heart today the pain is so great,  I see you smiling and I so trying to smile with you today but nothing but tears. I love you and miss you so very much!  Love,Mother


December 5th, 2007
Good Morning my baby boy! All is good here today and I know you're doing awesome! I saw your 2nd family on Saturday, Handsome Billy, Gloria, Kenneth and Little Billy! All love you so much and we just enjoy talking about you so much. Kenneth's baby girl has him so wrapped around his finger and she is a little doll.  She was at the funeral with grandma. She is too cute.  Little Billy is so like you, even when I am in my doggie uniform he says I am so beautiful. He is a hard person to catch, as you were too, so I have to be quick and no time to get really beautiful LOL.  We are so looking forward to you and God joining us on December 15th for your Christmas here on Earth.  I know you will in some way let us all know you are there and for all of us I know it will be in a different way.  Gloria, I am sure will see a BEE LOL.  I will take lots of pictures to share.  Baby Boy, I love and miss you so very, very much and trying to be strong and the survivor you think I am. But you also know I am a cry baby, too. I love you, Mother

November 28th, 2007
Good afternoon Dustin,  It is sunny and warm here today ~ yeah for that! I talked to Tasha for about 3 hours yesterday afternoon. She is such a sweet person. She is having a very difficult time. I will help her get through all this, as you know I would.  As you also know, I had her in a better place when we were through talking than she was when she answered the phone. We laughed and told stories about you and all was good. So, baby boy, know that I am here for her. I know I am not you, so it's not even close to the same for her, but I will never turn my back on her or not be there for her. She loves you and misses you so much, as I do.  We really can't feel what the other is feeling but we are, and will, keep you alive in our hearts . I am sure there will be many tears and many laughs for many years to come. She did say you and I are so much alike in many ways, which that I am so proud of (even the faults, LOL). Well, I need to get back to my chores but wanted you to know, as if you didn't already, that you made a great choice in a wife and a best friend. I am very proud to have her in my life.
I love you! Mother


November 26th, 2007 (PM)  I forgot to tell you that I have my own personal editor. So, now you know why there are no typo's and the commas are all in the right spots. LOL I hate to see the bill when it comes in. LOL They want to remain anonymous, but I am sure you know who it is and it is someone that I know you would truly love as I do.   It is someone who thinks very highly of me and is glad that I came into her life!!!!  She loves me very much. (See was already edited.)

November 26th,2007
Good Morning my Baby Boy! It has been very cold and rainy here the last few days but the sun is out today and it is supposed to warm up. Like you, I do not like the cold! You were my child that loved covers and your sister was the one that always kicked them off.  I think she is learning though that covers feel  pretty good in this cold.  She is also the one that loved to be rocked until she was almost grown LOL and you wanted just to be put to bed and let you go to sleep, no time for all that rocking. I am really thankful God blessed me with you both! Both of you are so different since the day ya'll were born and I would not have changed a thing about either of you.  I love you and miss you! Mother


November 22, 2007
Happy Thanksgiving Dustin! I was thinking this morning when you and Tasha cooked your first Thanksgiving dinner. And the time you called on how to cook chicken which like me you were like all so gross to clean. And called when you thought was done but wanted to be sure. LOL   You did come quiet the cook though.
I came in contact with a wonderful lady this past week and we both think you and Christopher her son had something to do with us getting together. He died 2 yrs ago on he 19th which is the day I first emailed her not knowing the date. He was also killed in a car accident at 16. He sounds so much like you  I am sure ya'll have met.. Christopher's mom is a very nice lady and  we just talk about you both and really has been a God send. She lives in a small town in MS. so we email and I pray will continue to for many years.
I love you and miss you and not a day goes by I don't see your smiling face. I love you! Mother


November 15th, 2007
Good Morning My Baby Boy! Just a quick note to tell you I love you and miss you so very much! I see your smiling face each and every day and as always so very proud of you.  I love you! Mother


November 12th, 2007
Good Morning! As you can see I went to see Little Billy today and we laughed so much and we knew you were laughing with us.  He is doing good and you would be proud. He and TJ went and saw Granny yesterday so you  know they had stories to tell.  And yes she is still trying to find him a good church going girl. LOL We all miss you very much but we are holding together as a family and laughing and sharing stories  with each other like you would want us to do.  Little Billy loves you so much it is good to see him laugh when talking about you. I know his heart is still hurting but as I told him today we will get through this and laugh and cry and Dustin will always be with us every day with his smiling face.  Love you my baby boy! Mother
P.S. I got the scoop on Tim and Uncle Jim. Yeah for mom huh LOL

November 10th, 2007
First, Happy Birthday as my Baby Marine. Today is the Marine Corps Birthday!  There will be many saluting in your memory tonight and I know you will be standing PROUD right along the side of them.
This was a good week and for that I am so thankful. Last night I had two handsome, young men come to visit. It was such a surprise and so very nice. It was Little Billy and Tim. Little Billy called him Uncle Jim. I thought his name was Tim. So, I am all confused but I know you know who it is.  I almost didn't answer the door. You know how your mom is after dark. But Little Billy called and said it was him knocking. So of course, I welcomed them in.  Tim got to meet me for the first time in my natural doggie beauty LOL, but he gave me a huge compliment. He told me "I now know where Dustin got being the person he was... From you". Many people have told me that but Tim just met me and could see the connection right away. It was awesome and of course, made me so very proud. My baby boy grew up to be such a special person, with the biggest heart and is loved by so many.  I took a picture of them for you, which is on the "He's My Brother" page. 
So, my baby boy I want to thank you for a great week and I will try to have many more as I know you want for me. I love you and miss you every second of the day and smile each day just for you!  Love, Mother

November 7, 2007
I know your saying Wow!  Mama you look pretty today! LOL Yes I went and got my hair done and thank you very much!. Granny's treat.  This week has been a good week. I think of you every day smiling and have smiled with you.  Tiff makes me laugh every day too with her YES MOTHER!  And then we have Tyler. I talked to him last night and he was very upset they are having a ALPHABET Parade Friday at school and he has to be a dolphin. Which he told me quiet clearly he does not want to be one and not dress like one. I told him he would be a Shamu and such a handsome Dolphin. Not so sure it helped but I tried. Tiff said she thinks he thinks a dolphin is  a sissy thing. So I told her that the Miama Football team has a dolphin mascot maybe that would help. LOL He is a smart little rascal and very head strong. Like I have always said a mixture of you and Tiff no doubt. I know Paul has his hands full that for sure. Tiff suppose to send me a picture of him and Brett. Brett is going to be a spiderweb.  I will put it up and you can see. Tiff becoming quiet the talented mom.
Okay that is all for now I love you and miss you my baby boy! Love,Mother

November 3, 2007
Good Morning My Baby Boy, Today I need one of your pep talks and tell me how to deal with you being gone. I have tried so hard to remember all the ones you have given me and just not working. I don't think you ever gave me one to know how to ever deal with such pain. I know you are happy and smiling and now live in such  wonderful place. I do smile each day  thinking of you as this is what a survivor is to do. But my heart or as you would tell me "my brain" is so empty and broken. Big hug for you my baby boy!  I love you, Mother

Oct. 29th, 2007

Dustin...Your Happiness Has Always Been So Very Important To Me And When I See Your Smiling Face, It Fills My Heart So Loving...I Gave You The Gift Of Life And In Return I've Received Love...You Are A True Blessing Given To Me From God. I Am So Proud That I Am Able To Say “ I AM YOUR MOTHER FOREVER” I Often Feel God Took You Away To Soon, But I Know He Has An Awesome Life For You That Your Mom Could Never Give And You Are Now So Truly Happy And So Full Of Life and Love ...Still to Share!. You Will Be With Me Always In My Heart Until We Meet Again One Day!  I Love You So Very Much! Mother


Dustin, It’s  Mom. Oct 27th 2007


Words seem so little when I talk about you because I have so very much to say, but the words you have spoken to me get me through each day.

The picture of your smiling face, no longer has  sad eyes of pain, watching you laugh and smile as your new life brings you such joy, brings some brightness to my day.


I know you are watching over all of us here and being the person you have always been with your new friends. I am thankful God will be there to help you when the burden gets too heavy, as I know it did so many times on earth.


You touched so many people in your life and I know you will touch many more each day. No one can be you or take the place of you, but I pray that many will be half the person you are and learn so much from your life and your death.


As your mom, I know I was blessed with an awesome little baby boy and now an angel of God.  But,  I still question “why my baby?”  I know God needed you to help him in his big plans for us all and he could not just choose anyone it had to be someone very, very special and that he did by choosing you.  I try not to be angry and just feel proud he chose you but many days it is hard to do.


I know it is selfish of me wanting you back here when you have the most awesome life anyone could ask for, but the pain is so great in my heart.  These are the days I talk to you

a lot  and those nights I have seen you, so I know all is going to be alright. Only time will help heal the pain. I do not feel it will ever be better because you will never be back here on earth but when it is my time to be with you, I know you will be standing at the gate with that big smile on your face as you have never left before me.


I love you my baby boy so very much! And miss you more than I can even say!

Love,  Mother

Good Morning Dustin, It is Friday Oct. 26th, 2007: I am up doing the normal routine of the day, which you already know, so will not bore you with the details once again. LOL  A beautiful day today and still cool out.  This week has had it's ups and downs, but I know you're close keeping all together as usual. I hear many of your pep talks each day and have passed on many to Tiffany. As you know, she is a YES MOTHER!!!!  Sometimes I wonder if she even listens. LOL She says she does.  I hope so, if not she makes me laugh trying to make me think she does.  Anyway, we will get it right one day, just keep up the pep talks as you have and check on our progress. I am sure that will be a full time job for you. LOL  I love you very much and have a great weekend!  Love, Mother

Good Morning Dustin, It is Oct. 23rd, 2007. As you can see, it is  a beautiful, sunny, cool day. I was looking out the window this morning and I see your smiling face each and every place I look.  You and Tiffany are the best things that have ever happened to me and I am so blessed. You both make me proud and smile each and every day.  I have a lot of pictures in my head lately of when ya'll were little and always playing so well together, even when she dressed you up like a little sister.  LOL You would just let her and go on about your day. Then we have little Tyler who is so much like the both of you.  ( I hope Tyler does not read this. He would correct me real fast and say "Memaw, I am big now").  I am sure you have some awesome plans today, ones we all can only dream about.  So, I will not make this a book. I love you and miss you so very much my baby boy!  Mother

Dustin it's me again Oct.19, 2007
I just got home a little bit ago from visiting with Big Billy and Little Billy and Gloria. It was really comforting to be with them today. They love you so very much, as I know you already know and miss you a lot. Big Billy, which I am now to call Handsome Billy, and Little Billy LOL made me laugh. He is so proud  to have been such a part of your life.   Gloria said you were such a polite young man, which being your mom, made me so proud to hear. You bring so many people such joy in knowing you and you are such an awesome person, if I may say so myself. That is all for now just wanted to let you know was a good afternoon and we all love you and miss you!
 Love, Mother

Good Morning Dustin, Oct 19th, 2007, I had a dream last night about Tasha and her heart was so broken and so many tears. I will call her later today; but if you will speak to her and let her know you're okay and happy! And anything else you can tell her to make this easier on her.  I know a week ago when I spoke to Tasha, she had not allowed herself to sit and feel.  I am thinking yesterday she may have and why I had this dream. Little Billy called me yesterday, too. I feel a lot of emotions must have taken place for many. So, just speak to all and ease the pain. We all are praying to God for peace and comfort which I know he is giving us all. Some just need to hear you speak to them  and I know God will let this happen. So, I am praying today for all in pain to hear your voice or see your smiling face and feel you amongst them all.  I love you my baby boy! Mother

Dustin, October 18th, 2007
Nothing really exciting to tell you today.  I was just thinking about you and what you had said one day when you were 18.  You said that I had atught you right from wrong and that you are now older and making your own choices. Which, as you know, was hard for me to let you and Tiffany do many times and had my 2 cents to say. LOL I pray that your friends and family, including me, get the message loud and clear, that one wrong choice can change one's whole world and others around them. I wish I  would have been there to give my 2 cents that early morning of Sept. 27th, 2007. I love you so very much and miss you each and every  second of the day! Mother

Dustin , Sunday Afternoon Oct 14th,2007 Another message that is on my heart today and one of the many things you have taught me over the years I wanted to share. I was remembering a conversation we had about 4 years ago and it was about broken hearts. And you said mother our hearts do not feel, it is our brains that are broken. And you went into detail about the make up of the brain. And more and more I see exactly what you mean it is our thoughts that control our heart and our everyday living. If we are thinking sad it triggers the body to feel sadness and if we are thinking happy our body feels happy. After that day, we would say our brains are broken and we both so tried to fix the other's.  Was funny but not, but we were always there for each other and did our best to fix our broken thinking. Today when I was starting to feel sad I remembered this conversation.  I know it takes a lot of work to program our brains to rethink many things and all the thoughts we have.  I started practicing then and still working on it daily. One word you never really used a lot was "feel". It was always think,or I AM or something but never feel.  Until you were alone and some conversations you and I had over the years, because you knew I could hear in your voice or see in your eyes the true feelings you had. I guess the point of this letter is to tell you this has stuck with me and I hope to practice it like you did - to be a more positive and happy person. And one day it will help me get through the sad days that I will have ahead. I love you, Mother

Good Morning Dustin, Oct.14th 2007
Was sitting here thinking about you as I always have and wanted to say hello. Tiff and the boys spent most of the day here yesterday and it was really nice. I also talked to Tasha on Friday night.  So the last couple of days have been better. Tasha is still not wanting to sit alone and talk with you, which I do so understand.  It is very hard, as it is for me to see it in writing.  I told her when the time is right she will be able to and I would be here for her if she needed me, as you would want me to be. I feel very lucky that you brought her into my life.  We still laugh about the spider in the bathtub LOL. Watching Tyler and Brett play yesterday was like seeing you and Tiff when you were little. So was a good day.  I was afraid it would bring sadness to me but it didn't. Tiff is being so wonderful. I know you are so proud to see.  Granny  misses you so. She was crying tears of joy that you are now in such peace and tears of sadness that you are not still here on earth with us. She is still telling the story about the boxed mashed potatoes with Tiff, so she did have some laughter. And your fools gold story which I have heard her tell many times. Anyway just wanted to let you know we are trying to all laugh each day and we love you and miss you very much! Love, Mother

Dustin, It's mom Oct 12, 2007. Yesterday was not such a good day for me. After posting your Memorial Picture and seeing it in writing, the peace I had went away. I had a lot of anger instead and was questioning God. I was asking him why he choose you when you had so much more you wanted to do here on earth. Why he thought you were done and and and which I know you already probably know the questions I am asking, knowing your mom so well. But last night I dreamed about you and you were little and big all at the same time and playing in a toy box laughing and so happy. I reached for you but could not get to you. So, I think God did answer me. Maybe not that exact question but he did reveal to me how happy you are and that you are more than okay.  So, today is a little better.  Just seeing your face last night smiling, brought back some peace to me and I thank God and you for that.  Love you my baby boy! Mother

Dustin, It is Oct.9th, 2007
Today has been a peaceful day for me once again. I am wondering why I am not crying because I do miss you so much. I guess you're catching the tears before they fall.  I don't feel like I am trying to be strong just at peace knowing you're safe I guess. I am sure you can see that a lot of excitement is going on down here as usual.  I, for one, wish you were here to get it all under control.  For me personally, all is good you know me and the dogs. I have thought a lot about why the dogs mean so much to me and I decided because people make life so difficult.  I miss our talks already because you alwayss knew what to say just at the right time. I often think what would you say - like tonight when Tiff called. But I really had no answers. So,if you get time thump her in the head and tell her what you think. I love you! Sweet Dreams! Mother

Dustin, I could not wait until tomorrow to share another Tyler story. He is so YOU!!! Tiff called and I was talking to Tyler.  He played his guitar and I was telling him how beautiful he played and that I loved him and go get in the bathtub. He started making this scratching noise with his mouth over the phone saying "sorry I am loosing you, sorry I am loosing you". He was not  wanting to hear the bathtub part so he acted like the cell phone was going out (which he was on the house phone). He is way too silly and so like you.  I know he will remind Tiff and I both of you daily.  He is always full of surprises!  Sweet Dreams! Love,Mother

Good Morning Dustin, It is Oct 7th.  I think I better start a whole new site for the days I want to write to you. I know there will not be a day I don't think about you and miss you but some times want to put into words. I wanted to let you know I am at much peace today and for you not to worry.  I see you smiling and your strength around me as always. You are so much more than a son to me which I think you know. Tiffany has been amazing and I know she is doing  it for you. And is with your help she is being so strong.  We love you! Mother

Dustin, It's Mom and I know you already know the words I am trying so hard to type this early morning hour on Oct 5th, 2007. I know you know I am crying and  wishing that I could fix this, but I know in my heart you are so happy and in such a great, forever home.  I will feel you and talk to you every day and one day will be with you again. I know you know I am not being strong right now and I need one of your pep talks so very bad.  I know you’re trying to give it to me but my pain is so that I can not hear you.  I can feel your arms around me saying “mama, I am okay so please do not cry”.  Your sister is being so strong.  I hugged her tonight and told her she did not have to be because Dustin knows neither of us is very good at it. She told me last night “I think Dustin saved us some pain by not seeing him as much as some.  It was his way of protecting our hearts”.  But both our hearts are broken.  You know, as always, I will take care of Tiffany in every way I can ~ will give her the Dustin speech when I think she needs it and I know you will still be giving them to her too. She is so lucky too, in that she can see you to in Tyler each and every day. He has so much of you and her both in him that he is one awesome kid. I have told the story so many times today about when you were in 1st grade and came home telling me some way over my head science project you had done that day. And you knew it was over my head and said mother, I have no time for ignorance and walked away.  Well, Tyler is 6, not much younger than you were then, and already has started this with Paul and Tiffany. They look at each other in amazement. I have told her so many times that is the Dustin in him and ya'll better start getting it right LOL.

Tasha spent the night with me Wed. night and it was so good to be with her and yes, we talked about you and laughed and cried. She shared a lot with me about your life together, from the very first day she arrived in shop.  Also, that  when she first saw you she just was so attracted to you.  She is a wonderful person, as you already know. Thank you for sharing her with me. I have tried to talk her into becoming a Texan but not having much luck yet.  I do feel she will visit me as often as she can. I can feel your heart beating within her with each and every hug.

In a few hours I will  be joining  hearts of others that love you so much to say goodbye to the man we knew on earth.  There will be no good bye in our hearts.  You will live in us all for a lifetime and one day we will see you and our Heavenly Father and what a joyous time that will be for all of us. You once said your biggest fear was not living up to your potential, but my baby boy, you have been the best person since September 2, 1982.   You have blessed me with the best 25 years I could ever ask for and all the people you  have touched and that loved you agree. I think you lived to your highest potential each and every day. You just never knew how much! Now that you are in Heaven, I know you still will touch so many there and here on earth, too. You have always been a giving and kind person and each day you added more and more to my life.  You truly were my hero.
Dustin it's mom again. Oct.5th, 2007  I just wanted to say Good night and was such a joy being with you today and knowing your are at such peace now and Dancing with Joy! I no longer have to worry about you as you know I did daily because you are now home with our awesome Father.  and tonight I know I will sleep knowing you are so safe and secure in his loving home. I know I will miss you each and every day and will laugh with you and cry with you. I ewill be with you again one day the tears will not be of sadness but for the joy of having you as my son and now Your with God who sent you to me to love. Sweet Dreams my baby boy! I love you, Mother

Dustin Marshall Rawls
September 2, 1982 - September 27, 2007
Dustin Lives on Through All The Many People that had the honor to know him!
I love you my Son!
God Blessed Me So giving you as MY SON!

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